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We are a friendly group of instructors who love to share their passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals. Nothing make us happier than to see someone learn about Nordic Walking, fall in love with it and then use it hit their personal weight loss or fitness goals. Dorset Nordic Walking provides walks and classes for everyone across Dorset. There are currently 9 instructors and 10 walk leaders that can introduce you to the World of Nordic Walking and provide regular classes close to where you live or work.

You don’t have to be a member and you will always be welcome. Nordic Walking is great fun and our instructors will not only ensure that you reach your health goals but that you have a great time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the Learn To Nordic Walk course. Dorset Nordic Walking looks after its walkers, there will never be a shortage of interesting walks and people to meet!

You can read about each class and instructor on our website. We cater for all ages and level of fitness.

Sally Challis

Nordic Walking has dramatically changed my life for the better.

Two years ago I retired from a stressful, busy job as a critical care nurse and realised that I had not paid enough attention to myself. I was unfit and becoming unhealthy. My husband persuaded me to try Nordic Walking and I was pleased to find that I had been introduced to an activity that I really enjoyed.

Since then I have become much fitter, lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and decreased my stress levels. I am passionate about sharing these positive health benefits with others.

I trained to be a walk leader last June and recently qualified as a Nordic Walking instructor. I will be working with Dorset Nordic walking and am based in Purbeck.

I love being outside (in all weathers!!), working as part of a team, meeting new people and using the many transferable skills from my nursing background. I would like to expand my Nordic walking in the wellbeing area with clients who need help and encouragement to improve their health and fitness.

So come on, give it a try and see what Nordic Walking can do for you!

Andrea Salmon

Having recently reduced my working hours, I was very excited at the prospect of having time to fill. I have always loved the great outdoors, and have enjoyed many of the wonderful walks that our lovely county of Dorset has to offer.

As a physiotherapist, I have seen the amazing effects that being active outdoors can bring, not only to people’s mobility, but also their general health,sense of well-being and quality of life.

I am fairly new to Nordic walking, but can already feel the benefits.My usual walks were working my legs and heart, but what about my core and arms? How great to be able to work them all at once with the magnificent views of Dorset, and lovely people to share my walks with.

I am passionate about keeping people active at any age, but as we age, sometimes the options to keep active are less appealing. Going for a lovely walk with like minded people seems like a no- brainer.

So if that appeals to you, why don’t you come and join us. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as we do.

Gill Stewart

A Sports Therapist and former long distance and ultra runner, Gill has over 35 years experience in the fitness Industry. She has a passion for wellbeing and was the creator of one of the first GP referral schemes in the UK – Since then her career has involved Community physical activity promotion, Health Club management and a National membership sales role – she has a unique insight into all aspects of fitness delivery and understands how to encourage people to enjoy being active.

She still leads regular Nordic walking technique courses and delivers presentations and demo sessions all over the UK. Gill is the driving force behind the NWUK unique programmes because she believes that the way to encourage lifestyle change is to ensure classes/walks are inspirational and always provide noticeable results. Gill is the Author of ‘The Complete guide to Nordic Walking’ which was published by BLOOMSBURY press in September 2014.

Gilly Vincent

A friend taught me how to walk around 4 years ago. I loved the way it helped me up hills. I used to hate hills, I would be warn out quickly and it would hurt my knees, so much so I would be unable to walk properly afterwards. Nordic Walking gave me the ability to walk up and down hills easily and not hurt my knees. Only me over pushing myself is the problem now????

Becoming an instructor is amazing because you suddenly realise how versatile Nordic walking is and more amazingly how many people that you can truly help.

I love helping and teaching people, before coming back to Nordic Walking I was and still am an art teacher and Swimming Instructor. Having the opportunity to be outside helping people was just irresistible.

Lucie Cormack

Lucie has been Nordic Walking since 2004 after being taught by her Pilates Instructor who was also a Physiotherapist. She took it up as an alternative to running and hasn’t looked back.

Her love of walking and the outdoors developed from spending 13 years in Scotland. She has undertaken walking challenges including Oxfam’s 100k Trialwalker and Bristol’s half marathon Sunshine Walk for Breast Cancer.

Lucie moved to Wimborne in 2014 and decided the best way to pursue her love of the outdoors and meet new people was to become a Nordic Walking Instructor with NWUK.

John Challis

An outdoor man, John is an off-road mountain bike, keen paddle boarder and rides motor-bikes. Nordic Walking is now his main recreation and is essential to his wellbeing!

An Orthopaedic Surgeon for many years he learnt to Nordic Walk in 2005 himself having undergone major hip surgery! It has led to him wanting to help those who are aiming to increase their mobility and sense of wellbeing and general fitness.

He firmly believes that it’s the quality of life that matters and that reducing stress and maintaining fitness is integral to this. Nordic walking has many benefits and can easily be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle.

Living in Swanage he is ideally placed to lead a variety of walks throughout the Isle of Purbeck to suit all levels. He always aims to motivate individuals to achieve their personal goals, and have fun doing so.

Charmaine Bray

I was very unfit and facing the prospect of a much poorer quality of life. I started Nordic Walking and haven’t looked back since! Now I am proud to be an Instructor for NWUK.

So if you’d like to get fitter, have fun and meet new people then join me on one of my sessions!

Pam Ballam

Having worked for over 20 years in the Care sector I recently retired early 2018. I started Nordic Walking once a week and thoroughly enjoyed it and now walk at least 7 walks a week.

Now as a Nordic Walking Instructor I am looking forward to encouraging others to join us to experience the benefits of Nordic Walking.

I have a special interest in Wildlife and Wildlife photography  – you can often catch me early in the morning along the River Stour and at Arne Nature Reserve capturing the abundant wildlife on camera!

Beautiful walks with some fantastic views and most walks finish up for a coffee and a chat.

Join us for a fun and sociable way to get fitter. Whatever your abilities there is something for you.

Lauren Atkinson

I am an avid walker who is passionate about the countryside and being outdoors!  I discovered Nordic Walking when it was suggested by a friend, so I tried a taster session and was instantly hooked!  My love of walking came from 7 years living in New Zealand, where I explored every inch of the country.  Now I am fortunate to enjoy the beautiful countryside and coastline that Dorset has to offer.  I am also a primary school teacher and have utilised these skills to become NWUK instructor.  I am extremely keen to help others enjoy the outdoors, meet new people and maximise all the health and wellbeing benefits Nordic Walking can bring.

Rob Valentine

An outdoor enthusiast and keen walker Rob became hooked on Nordic Walking after completing a course in Swanage and is now a Nordic Walking UK qualified Instructor based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Taking place outdoors,  Nordic Walking has helped to improve his fitness whilst enjoying the Dorset countryside,  Nordic Walking is enjoyable, sociable and a great way to relieve stress and lift your spirits.

Living in Bournemouth he is ideally placed to lead a variety of walks throughout Bournemouth & the surrounding areas to suit all levels.





Lorien Holiday

I am Lorien Holiday, and I am able to offer walks to challenge all levels of ability whether you are struggling with activities of daily living or looking to sign up to endurance events.  I am passionate about improving peoples strength to help with their quality of life and as part of this have been working to help older adults access strength and fitness activities.  

While I work with all people and abilities I specialise in supporting people over the age of 60 who may or may not be experiencing medical challenges such as arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and joint replacement surgery. 

I have lived in Poole for over half my life and am passionate about being active in our amazing local environment and landscape.  NWUK is great for my clients because it encourages engagement with the outdoors, is accessible to virtually anyone and offers a safe and progressive workout with loads of great health benefits.

Catherine Fisher

Catherine is a keen naturalist especially interested in plants and birdlife. Lucky to be living in Wool she is well placed to teach Nordic Walking and plan Adventure walks in Hardy’s wonderful countryside.

An outdoor enthusiast and Physiotherapist who believes that all exercise should be a delight and likely to be sustained and effective if it is a pleasure. She knows that improved posture and gait can transform lives and that Nordic Walking is appropriate for walkers from a huge range of abilities with various goals.

Catherine is also able to work with individual walkers who require a therapeutic approach in order to learn safe and enjoyable Nordic Walking.

Janet Bryant

I first heard of Nordic walking many years ago but it did not become an integral part of my life until November 2018 when I attended a talk and demonstration by an experienced and very motivational instructor. I was intrigued by everything it offered and two days later I was on a ‘Learn To’ course, meeting new people, learning the technique and exercising outdoors, not in a gym!

A few walks later I was hooked!

I felt refreshed and invigorated, mentally and physically, after every walk, regained my love of nature by being surrounded by the beauty of the New Forest, and motivated to manage my weight better.

I was in a position where I could completely change my career path and being a Nordic Walking Instructor and Delivery Partner meant that I could share with others how Nordic Walking could enhance their lives as a social and fun form of exercise, kind on the body while meeting new people and enjoying the great outdoors.


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